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I came up with the idea for LoopRope in the summer of 2009.

Just like the guy next to me at the disposal station, I was struggling to untie a rat’s nest of knots in a rope holding down my tarp. Being a guy not good at tying knots in the first place, it occurred to me just how useful a rope would be with hitch knots in it whereby I could zip tie them together to create the tensions I needed to hold stuff in place. I went directly to the local hardware store, bought some industrial zip ties and a rope, tied hitch knots in it and used it just as planned moving from one house to another. It worked and after much prototyping in my garage I have landed on what it is today.

LoopRope is a bungee system that absolutley eliminates the daily use of dangerous and limiting j hooked bungee cords and those messy cargo nets. It's infinitely adjustable, never tangles, multifunctional and it's safer than traditional bungee cords.  Many refer to it as being the duck tape of bungee cords. I like to refer to it as LoopTechnology as the uses are truly endless!