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What does LoopRope do?

LoopRope is a revolutionary fastening system that eliminates the daily use of dangerous and limiting bungee cords, messy cargo nets, and other light to medium duty tie downs as well as regular rope in many instances.  It's the only product that goes from lashing down your gear to using as a clothesline and everything in between including docking your boat.  There's nothing more versatile than LoopRope. As a matter of fact, it's more like a tool than a tie down!

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How is LoopRope unique?

LoopRope is a positive connecting tie down which means from the safe knot (anchor knot) to using the LoopClips for the final connection, LoopRope cannot come loose.  You can secure multiple items with just one rope by using the loops as attachment points.

LoopRope is safer than traditional J hooked bungee cords and it cannot tangle.  They're linkable which allows you to create custom cargo nets or simply loop them together when a longer length is needed.

You can actually cut a LoopRope in half and it still works.  That's right; the construction of the rope creates a series of loops that are independent of each other.  So in the event damage or if plain old wear and tear occurs, don't worry, just loop it back together.  Be good to your LoopRope by keeping it out of the sun when not in use and it will give you years of service.

See LoopRope in use

Who came up with this product, when, and how did they come up with the design?

Jeff Dahl invented LoopRope as he was never good at tying knots.  Several years ago he was at the disposal station untying a knot trying to remove a tarp.  The thought occurred to him to manufacture a rope where a loop would come out of the weave every couple of inches.  Using zip ties, you could simply zip tie loops together to create different tensions to hold things in place and Bam....LoopRope was born!  He left the disposal station, went directly to a hardware store and bought two 10' lengths of rope and some heavy duty zip-ties.  Jeff tied several hitch knots in it with larger loops at each end and named it LoopRope.  All this was done the same day.  That same week he was moving into a house and began using the ropes just as described and it worked.  The following week he set an appointment with a local patent attorney, began the patent search, and started prototyping in his garage.  Four weeks later, the patent search results found nothing in the world like it.  LoopRope went Patent Pending in 2009 and the first retail location was June 2010 in Medford, Oregon.

See LoopRope in use

What certifications/awards LoopRope won?

Bronze Medal in the automotive category at INPEX in June 2010.
North American Hunters Seal of Approval (Product tested and loved)