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"You'll put your eye out". . . a phrase synonymous with BB guns and bungee cords. Now you can throw away all of those unsafe bungee tie down straps.

LoopRope is a flexible cargo tie down system primarily designed as truck tie downs for securing cargo, and the buoy rope as a boat docking line. Our combo packs can secure just about any other outdoor or recreational item under the sun. What makes LoopRope different than traditional bungee straps? The Loops, of course. Well, not just the loops, but let's start there; the loops in LoopRope create flexible attachment points allowing you to create a custom fastening system with just one rope. LoopRope, itself, is made from 1/4" heavy duty shock cord and each cord comes with two stainless steel LoopClip carabiners to fasten the ends of the rope quickly and securely. LoopRope was originally designed as cargo tie downs that would be flexible enough to handle any type of cargo. As it turns out, LoopRope is so adjustable that it's uses are expanding well beyond that of securing cargo. Check out our photo gallery and blog area to see how people are using LoopRope for endless outdoor purposes.