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safety-arrow.pngYou always want to follow warnings carefully. Failure to do so could result in personal injury or product damage. LoopRope is infinitely adjustable so you always have the right length at the right time but it's important not to over stretch the product. When you need a longer length you simply link 2 LoopRopes together and use a LoopClip to clip off to the appropriate loop.

LoopRope is a light to medium duty bungee fastening system, so if you have any doubt whether your job is within the capacity of the rope do not use it. Always inspect the cord and LoopClips regularly for signs of wear and tear.



LoopRope is very unique in that if a loop gets damaged you may simply cut the loop out and reattach the rope to itself and keep on working. When you're all out of loops then it's time to replace the rope!  


LoopRope comes with extra UV protection but always protect the rope from sharp edges, heat, prolonged exposure to sunlight and corrosive acids. These things could damage the rope and cause it to fail. Extreme caution should always be used when bungee products are stretched. Protective eyewear should be worn when fastening or releasing the product. Do not stretch this product beyond 50% of its un-stretched length. Product can recoil with great force so be sure you and any other users keep out of the rebound path of the rope.


At the first anchoring point always use the "Safe Knot" or "Girth Knot" as this connection cannot release and come lashing back. Using the provided LoopClips you simply select the appropriate loop and clip off to the next anchoring point.  Be certain the gate to the two sided LoopClip is closed before moving on.


Again, use only as a light to medium duty tie down, never for lifting, towing, or personal restraint. Do not use LoopRope on large surfaces that can react to wind like plywood or mattresses. WARNING! Strangulation hazard; keep out of reach of little children.


Be good to your LoopRope and keep it stowed away when not in use and it will be a tool you will use for many years to come.  All LoopRope products come with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects.  If you have any questions about possible damage then please give us a call to address your concerns.  Thank you!



Testimonial by Paul N. Schultz, M.D.

As an ophthalmologist, I’ve seen three eyes totally destroyed when bungee-like cords suddenly release and strike the owner in the eye. It’s to the point that I now dissuade people from the use of BB-guns, paintball guns AND BUNGEE CORDS. The LoopRope design is so much stronger and more secure than bungee cords. We used them to tie down loads while floating the Owyhee River. There is no tangle, the options for fix points are innumerable, and the strength of both the cords and the carabiner-like clips dramatically reduce the risk of injury. We now use them to secure the electronic equipment that is transported for Mobile Eyes. It’s great when a simple alteration to an existing product can so dramatically improve its safety and versatility. Great job!