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clip.png  "From hunting to fishing, camping to bringing home the groceries, the LoopRope is one of the most versatile tools our family has used.  I've used them all over the world, in both hunting and fishing situations.  When it comes to securing gear in boats, bush planes, pickup beds and ATVs, the versatility of the LoopRope has outperformed everything I've ever used.  It's also great for packing out meat on pack frames, and much more.  One of the best all-around tools I've ever used in the outdoors, period!" ~ Scott Haugen - "Trijicon's The Hunt"



Posted by Richard Johnson on 31st Jul 2014

"I used my two loop ropes exactly as they are shown to hang 8 fishing rods and reels from my Snug top camper shell. I had used Berkeley rod holders for years and was tired of fighting loose screws and worn holders. The loop rope is so flexible that it adjust to the rod lengths and the weight of the rod and reel is no problem. Great product."


clip.png  "We use the LoopRope LoopClip's to tie horses safely. We use them just about everywhere - on the trailer, on barns, anywhere we can tie something secure and attach a LoopClip to it. They really work fantastic for our purposes. Thanks! Francis Lewis

clip.png "We like the LoopRope and it is working out well for us on our ATV’s. We use it to secure the boards. The lifeguard can release the board with the clip on the underside while sitting on the ATV. This enables them to get the board off quickly without losing sight of the water. Sometimes two boards may be on top of the ATV so it is convenient to have different points to secure the clip. Thanks for a great product! ~ Julia Leo / Ocean Rescue Captain - Jupiter, Fl


clip.png"As far as LoopRope, I really like it! I've used it for securing cargo in my truck bed and a trailer. It really is a brilliant idea and I will continue to use it."  ~Mike

clip.png "The guys love them! We now all carry them in our vehicles and my husband is constantly using his when he hauls equipment. One of my sons calls them the perfect MacGyver tool because we use them for everything. Great product, I will definitley be back for more."  ~ Jenny W.


clip.png“Ha! I just used the heck out of them today! We pulled 58 lbs of garbage out of the ocean, as we were securing our haul, a few people were blown away by the Loop Roop. They had never seen anything like it! They definitely made my life easier today! Love them! Thanks a million!”  ~ Lorenzo Diaz, H2O Trash Patrol

clip.png“Just to let you know Jeff, I have 8 LoopRopes that I keep on my quad during archery season. Just got back from a 29-day hunt, during which we were quite successful and used the ropes on the trailer with gear, on the quad with mule deer, and our ladder stands, tree stands, and just around camp for various needs. They got dusty; we just washed them and used them over and over. Great product!”  ~ R.G. Woolley


clip.png“I use LoopRopes on my backpack to carry things, in my tent to hang lights, from tree to tree to hang laundry when I’m hiking, on my roof rack to secure my camping gear, around a tree to secure lanterns, high in a tree to hold a bear barrel, and across my tent to hold all my loose items like bug spray, etc. I don’t know what I ever did without them!”  ~ Dianne Erskine-Hellrigel


clip.png“Great product idea and very flexible for different needs!”  ~ Jerry Fischer (New York Life Insurance Company)


clip.png“I wanted to thank you for the 5 foot LoopRope. In one afternoon on the boat I used it to secure my outboard tiller handle from swinging while in tow; I also clipped it to my boat fender while I used the LoopRope to tie up to the dock. When I got back to the marina, the parking lot was packed and I forgot that I did not bring my dog leash; once again LoopRope saved me. I clipped Kenai onto the carabiner and we were set. I am really excited to have LoopRope at the Worldwide show. You guys have a rock solid product that is so versatile to the average Joe and the sportsman alike. Everyone can find a use for LoopRope.”  ~ Steve Apple, Merchandise Coordinator (Fishing/Marine, Hardware), Worldwide Distributors


clip.png“Thanks for your awesome product! I use it on my moto and whenever I take my backpack out on an adventure. It’s been great!”  ~ Joshua Charles Hemenway


clip.png“LoopRope ‘Tie Downs Made Easy’ is one of the best products I’ve ever used. Whether hunting, fishing or canoeing, I don’t leave home without LoopRope!”  ~ Frank Galusha


clip.png“I’m a diehard rope fan, no doubt about it since my years at sea onboard a sailboat. But when Frank Galusha from MyOutdoorBuddy.com showed me LoopRope ‘Tie Downs Made Easy’ and we used it to hang a banner I was so impressed! It’s way more secure than just bungees and oh so easy and quick to use. I still love my rope knots, but it’s not LoopRope! I have a feeling LoopRope will endear itself with me as my old L.L. Bean boots did!”  ~ Sharon Waranius



clip.png“Way to go Jeff Dahl and the LoopRope group for being featured on GMA, and News Watch 12... WAY TO GO YOU GUYS ROCK!!”  ~ Brenda Kessler



clip.png“This past weekend I was at a horse clinic in Eugene. The owner of the facility had set up panel stalls for each of the horses and she used bungee cords to sturdy the panels up against posts in the ground... I cringed when I saw that, because I know how quickly those can come undone and hurt my horse... so I politely unwrapped her bungee and put up a LoopRope around the post. This way I knew my horse could not undo it and get a hook in the eye! Thank you LoopRope! You made his stall safer! I also used a LoopRope to hold his water bucket in the corner (he likes to play in the water and always dumps it out) and another LoopRope to hold up his feed net... It was the best (safest and cleanest) stall there!”   ~ Christie Snyder


clip.png“The AC broke in our office and we were sweltering in the 90 degree heat. LoopRope was our saving grace! We were able to hook open the door perfectly when nothing else would work. Thank you LoopRope for saving the day!!”  ~ Angie Brown


clip.png“Team Jordan going to attempt world record in Antarctica with LOOPROPE.”  ~ Paul Romero


clip.png“I have a LoopRope. I use it frequently to tie down cargo in the back of my truck and trailer. Excellent product to have around on any occasion. Thanks, LoopRope, great idea!”     ~ Ranch Hand Tools


clip.png“Holds my kites and other gear from flying out from under my rack, gives me a lot more storage for the big Baja Trips.”  ~ Mike Doyle, Doyle Surfboards and Sups


clip.png“Two weeks ago I was being held captive for 8 days on a cruise ship by my wife and two friends.  While cruise vacations are enjoyable and there's lots to do, it seems it's my annual chance to catch up on my reading. I think ran across a mention or maybe an ad in one of the magazines I was reading, it could have been Outdoor Life, Field and Stream or maybe the Cabela's Outfitter Journal, I'm not sure, but while spending a couple of days in Orlando after the cruise I jumped on line and found your website, and today had the chance to place an order.  I intend to send one set to a friend of mine that lives in Fairbanks Alaska that I hunted Moose with in September. The four plus hour ATV ride to moose camp had all our gear secured by about 10 or 12 bungee cords on each ATV , I thought it was a neat product and could be very useful in several ways.
The other set I will use and if I like them I will probably order another set for my son.”                 ~ Al Harer Station Manager WNBT AM/FM,WNBQ-FM